Job Market Candidates 2016-17


We're delighted to present our seven job market candidates for the 2016-17 academic year.

Director of Graduate Studies and Placement Director: Jenny Minier (email)

Placement Assistant: Jeannie Graves (email)

Name Field(s) Job Market Paper Title Advisor(s)

Steven Gordon

public economics, political economy What Did the Earmark Ban Do? The Impact of Earmark Reforms on the Distribution of Intergovernmental Grants John Garen

Hao Guo

international trade, economic geography, macroeconomics External Integration, Internal Liberalization, and Coastal Agglomeration Jenny Minier and Josh Ederington

Timothy Harris

public economics, applied microeconomics Adverse Selection in the Group Life Insurance Market Aaron Yelowitz

Robert Hartley

labor economics, public economics Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence Jim Ziliak and Carlos Lamarche

Gray Hunter

labor economics, education, public economics Adolescent Econometricians, Smarter than You'd Think Chris Bollinger

Anna Maximova

international trade, macroeconomics Differential Effects of Immigrants and Refugees on Trade with Their Home Countries Jenny Minier

Carla Nietfeld

public economics, economics of education Do Public Educational Investments Affect Aggregate Earnings and Employment Across State Borders? Bill Hoyt