UK MBA alum Alex Greenwell, President of Hydrogen Drive Connection, is building a network of sustainable hydrogen refueling

Alex Greenwell

University of Kentucky MBA alum, Alexander "Alex" Greenwell, is now the President of a new service company called Hydrogen Drive Connection, which is building a sustainable hydrogen refueling network. 

Hydrogen Drive Connection is designed to be a nexus between hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen fueling infrastructure. While hydrogen has long been hailed the fuel of the future, it has yet to reach widespread adoption. Limited infrastructure has hampered the growth of the hydrogen vehicle segment, or vice versa. With coordinated efforts and through strategic investments, Hydrogen Drive Connection intends to be a catalyst in realizing a hydrogen future.

"My goals in starting Hydrogen Drive Connection include enacting positive change and following an entrepreneurial dream", said Alex. "As a company, I hope and intend for Hydrogen Drive Connection to be an integral piece in a sustainable economy and society. Awareness and collaboration are factors that will help in Hydrogen Drive Connection’s success."

By mass, hydrogen contains nearly three times the energy of either diesel or gasoline and nearly 200 times that of a lithium ion battery. With the ability to be produced – and operate – as a carbon neutral fuel, hydrogen offers a valuable solution in the future of transportation. The ability to refuel with hydrogen in a matter of minutes will also limit downtime of FCEVs.

"With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I felt as though I had a solid technical foundation with which to start my career", said Alex. "To better fulfill my aspirations however, I knew there was something more that I needed. The UK MBA offered that missing piece. With in-depth classes in accounting, finance, marketing and more I gained exposure to many subjects not covered in my engineering degree. This educational balance has benefited me greatly in my career. I have been able to lean on each degree as I have advanced within the energy industry."

Alex continues, "Some advice I could offer to someone contemplating an MBA would be to consider more than just the coursework in your decision. The University of Kentucky MBA has provided an invaluable network of opportunities that I believe will be lifelong. For anyone looking to start something new, or to impact change, I would suggest keeping your eyes open for opportunity and play to your strengths."

Alex received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech University and his MBA from the University of Kentucky's Gatton College of Business and Economics. He's been in the energy sector since graduation, working as a Regional Energy Buyer at Schneider Electric and Energy Trader at LG&E and KU Energy, LLC. Alex has been the President of Hydrogen Drive Connection since January of 2018. For more information on how to get involved with Hydrogen Drive Connection, please visit their investors section