Dan Brass receives Distinguished Research Award

Dan Brass, J. Henning Hilliard Professor of Innovation Management and Director of the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis in the Department of Management was the recipient of Distinguished Research Award from the Social Network Society of the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management at the Academy’s annual meeting in Boston, August 5-9. 

The award recognizes Dan's distinguished contributions to theory and research in the organizational social networks’ scientific community.

His pioneering research, particularly on power and politics in relation to intra-organizational networks, has inspired vibrant streams of research and has significantly contributed to our understanding of this field. His articles have not only shaped the conversations within organizational network literature but have also made a profound and lasting impact on the study of social networks in organizations.

He continues an active research program with more than 37,000 citations to his research. He served as Associate Editor of Administrative Science Quarterly and edited many influential network papers. To facilitate the growth of the social network research community, he founded the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis at the University of Kentucky in 2006, which has assembled a community of renowned scholars interested in social network research.

In his free time, Dan enjoys painting landscapes. He is also an accomplished topiarist, whose work has appeared on the cover of Topiary Today as well as Administrative Science Quarterly.