Gatton College of Business and Economics Honors Teaching and Research Excellence

In a significant recognition of academic achievement and impact, the Gatton College of Business and Economics proudly reveals the recipients of its Teaching and Research Excellence Awards. These distinctions underscore the Gatton College's commitment to fostering a learning culture and advancing knowledge in the business and economics.

The Teaching Excellence Awards commend individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in educating and inspiring students. The 2024 recipients include: 

Similarly, the Research Excellence Awards honors those scholars whose work has made a significant impact in their fields. The 2024 recipients include: 

Furthermore, the SGO Above & Beyond Faculty Award was presented to David Hardesty for his exceptional dedication and service to the college.

The University of Kentucky has also announced that Carlos Lamarche received the 2024-25 University Research Professor Award.

In addition to these accolades, the college proudly announces the promotions and tenure appointments of faculty members, including Olivia Davis, Stephen Lusch, Charles Courtemanche, Olga Malkova, Chris Clifford, Mikhail Wolfson, Mark Anderson, Andrew Grimes and Rebecca Oliphant.

This celebration acknowledges the collective efforts of the Gatton college's faculty, whose commitment to teaching, research, and service continues to uphold the college's reputation for excellence in business education and research. SEE EVENT PHOTOS