Professional Development

Supply Chain Forum

Mark your calendars to attend the Supply Chain Forum: Thriving Through Disruption

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Economic Outlook 


The Economic Outlook Conference is an annual highly anticipated event.  You'll hear from a distinguished panel of economists, analysts and advisors about key economic issues currently faced by Kentuckians.  Leading experts address issues including: the outlook for the local, state and national economy, the financial markets and current topics of interest.  

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Business Essential Learning Series

Business Essential Learning Series, formally the Certificate of Business Administration, is designed for individuals with limited business backgrounds who want the general knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of today's business world. It will sharpen your skill set and allow you to become a world-ready person.

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Project Management Professional Learning Series

This program will provide the attendee a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of project management, and an introduction of best practices that can be used in all endeavors by people across all industries and organizations. Participants learn, from experienced project managers, the concepts, terms, tools, and techniques needed to communicate about, organize, monitor, and successfully complete projects.

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KY Institute for Economic Development

The Kentucky Institute for Economic Development offers intensive training in the basic principals of economic development. The Institute's objective is to meet the needs of persons working in the development field as professionals or volunteers in both the public and private sectors.  

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