Within the Gatton College of Business and Economics are five academic areas: The Von Allmen School of Accountancy, and the departments of Economics, Finance & Quantitative Methods, Management, and Marketing & Supply Chain. With exceptional course offerings and faculty who are experts in their fields, the academic units of the Gatton College house all degree programs.

Von Allmen School of Accountancy

Learn the skills to analyze, organize, and prepare financial records for private companies, organizations and government agencies.


Examine economic decision-making and the role of markets in the allocation of real and financial resources.

John Maze Stewart Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods

Develop a solid foundation in principles of finance, including capital management, investment and portfolio management, financial institutions and personal finance.



Explore strategy, organizational behavior, leadership, team development and employee motivation.

Marketing & Supply Chain

Understand consumer behavior, market research, e-commerce, retail, product development, and other areas of the customer value creation process.