Walter “Wally” Ferrier, chair of and professor in the Department of Management in the Gatton College, co-authored a paper “Competitive Rationales: Beneath the Surface of Competitive Behavior” that was recently published in the Journal of Management. The study argues that the field of competitive dynamics can benefit from a more encompassing and nuanced portrayal of competitive interaction.

An article co-authored by Susan Zhu was in MIT Sloan Management Review: "Why Putting On Blinders Can Help Us See More Clearly."

Management alumna Schuyler Bass will teach in Spain and lead a Model United Nations Program.

 Ajay Mehra presented "Gender, Structural Holes, and Legitimacy," at INSEAD. 

Working with a team of computer scientists, Ajay Mehra published a paper in the interdisciplinary journal, Social Networks on how gender and rank shape emergent patterns of social interaction on an Enterprise Social Media (ESM) platform.

Joe Labianca was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Zhu and co-authors present research on how organizations have implemented what they call Human Resource Management Agility Practices (HRMAP) in response to COVID-19.

Susan Zhu and fellow contributors recently partnered with the AACSB's research team to better understand how business schools and employers approach leadership development programs. 

Wally Ferrier's article, "Responding to Crises With Speed and Agility" was recently published in MIT Sloan Management Review. 

The LINKS Center Social Network Analysis Workshop attracted over 100 participants from all over the world with research interests in a wide range of fields.