Ben Schneider, a Gatton College of Business and Economics alumnus, embarked on a journey that exemplifies the power of exploration and determination. His experience at Gatton College laid the foundation for a successful career in corporate law. 

Ben's academic journey began at Gatton, where he pursued a dual degree in marketing and management. This academic blend instilled in him the importance of discovering one's true passion. Ben initially considered accounting but soon realized it wasn't his forte. Instead, his coursework in marketing and management honed his analytical, research, and communication skills, setting the stage for a future in law.

Following his undergraduate studies, Ben ventured into the world of law, obtaining a Juris Doctorate degree with a concentration in corporate law from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. This move was inspired by a desire to utilize his business acumen and strengthen his abilities as a reader and writer.

During law school, Ben served as a research assistant, honing his skills in researching, writing, and articulating complex legal issues. This role paved the way for his future career.

Ben's experience as a law clerk for TriHealth and Great American Insurance Company further prepared him for his current role as in-house counsel at Great American Insurance Company. His responsibilities include tackling regulatory and compliance matters, reviewing contracts, and offering sound legal advice.

His journey hasn't been without challenges. Ben's dedication to passing the Ohio bar examination was unwavering. He treated his preparation like a job, balancing study hours with personal well-being. His advice to aspiring lawyers: don't let the bar exam consume your every thought.

Adding to his accomplishments, Ben is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This additional qualification will enhance his legal background, especially in the complex insurance industry's regulatory landscape.

Beyond academics and law, Ben's passion for music led him to serve as one of the UK Wildcat Marching Band's drum majors during his time at the University of Kentucky. This experience created lifelong friendships and a lasting love for music, which he continues to share through teaching.

Ben's advice to current Gatton students and recent graduates is simple but profound: don't be afraid to do something different. He encourages individuals to explore their unique paths, even if they deviate from conventional expectations. In Ben's case, these "different" decisions helped him discover a fulfilling career tailored to his strengths and passions.

Ben Schneider's journey from Gatton to corporate counsel is a testament to the value of diverse experiences and the courage to embrace one's true calling. His story serves as an inspiration for all Gatton College students and alumni.