Upon graduation, you’ll begin a new role as Business Development Representative (BDR) for cloud computing company Oracle. Congrats! Tell us more. 

I will be responsible for acquiring and maintaining a working knowledge of Oracle NetSuite in order to become a trusted advisor to prospects. I will also work to uncover and qualify prospective customer needs, understand business processes, identify projects, determine requirements, and ascertain potential solutions. 

What was the interview process like, and how did you prepare?

I extensively researched the company and the specific job description that I was applying for. I knew it was important to understand what qualities would set me apart from other candidates and how I could effectively make an impact on the BDR team if I were to be hired. I even booked a study room in Gatton for every single interview so that I had no outside distractions.

Who or what inspired you in your business journey? 

I have always looked up to successful female entrepreneurs and I knew that I wanted to obtain a leadership position in the business world. Prior to college, I was a competitive gymnast for 14 years, so you could definitely say that I have a competitive personality!

Why did you choose Gatton? 

I knew that Gatton would be a great fit for me and would ultimately provide me with the skills and resources needed to be successful in both my personal and professional career long-term. 

What is one of your favorite experiences while being a part of the Gatton community? 

The relationships I have formed over the years with my professors and fellow classmates. I have met so many wonderful individuals who have positively impacted my time at UK and who will continue to leave a lasting impact on my life post-graduation.

What advice would you offer your fellow classmates as they search for post-graduate employment? 

Be yourself! Companies and hiring managers want to get to know you as a person, not just who you are based on your resume. Also, confidence is key, and never forget the importance of following up post-interview.

Who would you like to thank at Gatton for helping you achieve this great job offer? Was there someone who went above and beyond?

The Graham Office of Career Management was a major help in my job search process. After discussing my upcoming course load with my academic advisor, Ms. Soltis, I expressed to her my worries about the impact COVID-19 was going to have on the interview process and job search process as a whole. She encouraged me to schedule a virtual meeting with Sandy Anderson, who is a career advisor in the Graham Office within Gatton. While meeting with Ms. Anderson, she introduced me to the opening for the position of Business Development Representative at Oracle. She also provided me the contact information for a UK alum who is currently employed at Oracle with a different role. I stayed in touch with Ms. Anderson throughout the entire interview process to keep her updated on how it was going. I can’t thank Ms. Anderson, Ms. Soltis, and the Graham Office in Gatton enough for their role in helping me land this amazing job opportunity!