You are the founder of the Financial Fitness App. How did this venture come about?
I have always been passionate about personal finance. Money is one of the most powerful forces in the world and often ignored. The majority of individuals how a complete misunderstanding with their finances, because we were never taught basic financial education. On top of that, the majority of individuals do not have access to professionals that can trust and receive help. The industry is geared to help the wealthy get more wealthy. I wanted to change that. I wanted to provide anyone and everyone access to CFP professionals in a comfortable, scalable format. Financial Fitness App is a 100% digital solution that teaches individuals how to budget and how to understand the language of money. We call this “The class school didn’t teach you” for a reason. We believe 6 weeks can completely change the trajectory of someone’s relationship with money.

Your tagline is, “Solving America’s biggest problem in the workplace.” What is the biggest problem, and how can it be solved?

The biggest problem in the workplace is individuals spend more than they make. This leads to financial stress, higher turnover, and lower levels of job satisfaction. We are helping individuals answer the question, “How much money do I spend each month?” so they can have complete control of their money.

You say you provide “the class your high school never taught you.” Can you give a brief overview of the 6-week program?
The class is 6 weeks long for a very specific reason. The first 4 weeks are entirely dedicated to building a monthly budget. The class starts on the first of the month because that is when the majority of the workplace first receives income and your month begins. If you can consistently drive more income than expenses each month – you can either increase your net worth by increasing assets (investing) or decreasing liabilities (paying off debt). We want to make sure we walk through the entire process with each member to make sure they have a complete understanding of their monthly budget. The last two weeks are what we call “High-Intensity Investment Training (HIIT).” We talk about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), asset allocation, term life insurance, common beginner mistakes and so much more. You graduate the class with two huge understandings: 1) You have a monthly budget and 2) You understanding investing 101. This leads to members taking action and starting to create a real legacy for themselves.

What inspired you to bring this to the market?
I was tired of seeing the people who need the most help being ignored. We are bringing scalable financial wellness technology into the workplace. If you can have a positive outcome with someone’s finances – you can change their life forever. Marriages, friendships, and other important relationships are ruined by money every day. This is the education everyone deserves.

Are there career opportunities with your company? If so, can you provide that information for applicants?
We have paid internship opportunities. Individuals looking to have a better understanding of the finance profession can send their resumes to We will also be hiring full-time entry-level candidates end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. More to come.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about developing apps?

I think what is most important is to get your product to market, listen to your customers, and adjust accordingly. You need great partners. Don’t try to do anything you don’t understand and focus on what you are best at. Also, you really never have a “finished product.”

How did your education in finance at Gatton help prepare you for success?

My finance degree from Gatton helped me realize this was the arena I wanted to play in. I was able to reach out to an alum and start a career in commercial banking. Obviously, I made a pivot. I distinctly remember a class I had during my time at Gatton where the professor walked through all the different avenues you could go with a degree in finance. I choose one, didn’t love it, and then went down another. People have a lot of respect for Gatton, and I believe the reason a door initially opened for me was the mutual love for “the K” both my boss and I had. I still talk to him today.

What is something (personal or professional) you’re most looking forward to?

Scaling my business. We are beginning to work with top employers in the greater Cincinnati area. I’m excited to take this nationally. I’m excited to continue to change lives and make the workplace more functional. I hope to keep up with some graduates down the road; Listen to their stories and meet face-to-face with one graduate a month. I think it will be pretty cool to see some of the past Financial Fitness members five to ten years later.

You are our neighbor in Covington. What are your top three places to visit there?

Smoke Justice, Braxton Brewery, and The Yard. Great BBQ, beer, and atmosphere. Covington has really started to come together, and it is a nice town to call my small business home.